What is STEM? 

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. This new field of education is sweeping all grades from pre-school to senior year of high school

Taken separately, STEM subjects are defined as follows by the National Research Council:

  • Science Study of the natural world, including laws of nature associated with physics, chemistry, and biology and the treatment or application of facts, principles, concepts, or conventions associated with these disciplines. 

  • Technology Comprises the entire system of people and organizations, knowledge, processes, and devices that go into creating and operating technological artifacts, as well as the artifacts themselves. 

  • Engineering A body of knowledge about the design and creation of products and a process for solving problems. Engineering utilizes concepts in science and mathematics and technological tools.

  • Mathematics The study of patterns and relationships among quantities, numbers, and shapes. Includes theoretical and applied mathematics.  

The magic happens when STEM subjects are brought together. 

STEM education is a new approach to learning that brings subjects together as they appear in the real world. What separates STEM from the traditional science and math education is the blended learning environment where students take the lead. Project-based learning is fundamental to STEM along with showing how the scientific method and engineering design process can be applied to everyday life. Students gain critical understanding of solving problems based on real world connections. 

STEM transforms classrooms into an exciting world of curiosity, problem solving, and creativity. Students take ownership of their learning and become actively engaged in the curriculum. Negative connotations of STEM are removed, which not only encourages more students to pursue STEM career, but fosters a population more open to analysis and exploration of the world around us.  

STEM Resources

Vivify has created a handy resource guide that includes the best website, games, and phone apps. We carefully searched for high quality activities that are not only fun and engaging but educational and promote STEM careers. 

You can find the complete guide including an introduction to STEM at our TeachersPayTeacher store: Click for Vivify's STEM Resource Handout

STEM Apps for Mobile Devices


  • Amazing Alex
  • Blocks!
  • Kinectic City
  • Hopscotch
  • Mathtopia
  • MathShaker
  • Max and the Magic Marker App
  • Move the Turtle
  • Motion Math
  • Mystery Math Town
  • Go Car Go

Middle School

  • Cargo-Bot
  • Hakitzu Elite: Robot Hackers
  • King of Math
  • Monster Physics
  • Scratch
  • Sector 33
  • Science360
  • SimplePhysics
  • TinkerBox

High School

  • Algebra Touch
  • Interplanetary 3D Sun
  • Muscle System Pro III
  • NASA
  • Nova Elements