The perfect team — 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

- Nelson Mandela

 Back in 2005, Natasha and Claire met in college at Freshman Fish camp, discovered they were both studying aerospace engineering, did some crazy dance moves, and never looked back!  They became roommates, study partners, and basically inseparable (nicknamed "Clasha"), as they navigated the long days and nights of becoming an engineer. 

 They soon discovered a shared passion for STEM education. Throughout their tenure as classmates and roommates, they found their place in school, and in life, was to not only become engineers but to share with others the opportunities and knowledge that contributed to their success. Together, they led student organizations, developed a freshman engineering mentoring program,  and organized outreach service events with the goal to support future engineers.  They eventually graduated with degrees in Aerospace Engineering and are proud members of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2009, whoop! 

 Although their daytime hours are now consumed with real-world engineering jobs, their desire to inspire young minds by bringing STEM education to life has never been greater! 

Meet Natasha

  •  STEM Project Director at Communities In Schools of San Antonio.
  • Former spectrum engineer for the Department of Defense.
  • Married to her wonderful and nerdy husband, Justin. Met as Aerospace classmates. 
  •  Loves her silly pug, Monkey!
  • Fluent in Greek so she can communicate with her Greek family. Opa! Still working on the Greek cooking skills.

Meet Claire

  • Former Aerospace Engineer at the world's leading manufacturer of agricultural airplanes - Air Tractor, Inc.
  •  Loves being a wife to her engineer husband DJ, and a mommy to their two sweet and spunky daughters.
  • Can't go a day without chocolate! And why would anyone want to?
  •  Experienced in tutoring in STEM subjects and loves working with kids!

Our Philosophy

Successful STEM education is an empowering interdisciplinary approach that brings math and science concepts to life through challenging opportunities that mimic the complexities and excitement of the real world of STEM. Every teacher or parent can incorporate STEM into their classroom or home given the right resources, and that is where Vivify comes in! We love creating STEM materials and are excited to bring STEM to more classrooms and homes!