Top 10 STEM Video Resources

Exciting videos are a great hook for engaging students into a STEM lesson. Videos can allow students to meet STEM professionals, tour a STEM facility, learn about exciting STEM real-world applications, and really help bring STEM to life. Below are our top 10 awesome STEM video resources for your classroom or after school program. Most include videos with short duration of 1 - 3 minutes to fit easily into a classroom lesson. 

Top 10 Video Resources

  1. Curiosity Machine - Each hands-on STEM challenge is presented with an inspirational video of 2 -5 minutes that provides a real-world connection to the challenge. Several activities are sponsored by Boeing and connect to a Boeing engineering project and professional. 
  2. Exploratorium - Tons of great science videos. 
  3. Careers in Engineering - A 12 minute documentary on careers in engineering. 
  4. Engineer Your Life - Why become an engineer series. 
  5. PBS Design Squad - Exciting examples of engineering in the real-world plus videos of kids doing engineering projects. 
  6. PBS Video Game Challenge - Behind the scenes of making video games. 
  7. NASA - For all things space including a This Week in NASA series.  
  8. SciShow - Exciting and short videos on science topics and current events. 
  9. Smarter Every Day - Exciting videos exploring a wide range of STEM topics. 
  10. Minute Physics - Short videos explaining a range of physics topics.

Enjoy! Feel free to comment below on your favorite STEM videos for the classroom.