New STEM Job!

Vivify is happy to announce that one of its members, Natasha, has moved to San Antonio, Texas to start a new job in STEM!


A couple of months ago, I decided to leave my engineering career at the Department of Defense to pursue my passion for working with children. I am now the STEM Project Director at Communities In Schools of San Antonio! I have the wonderful challenge of building an entirely new program to bring STEM opportunities to undeserved youth in San Antonio. This is definitely a big change moving from Navy ships and radars to children and popsicle sticks! I look forward to bringing my engineering experience to motivate and engage students through hands-on and student-driven STEM projects. I am currently working on enrichment and after-school programs focused on robotics and space. In my short time, I have seen such a big need for STEM in these schools. Yesterday, I asked a classroom of  students, "Who here has ever met an engineer?" Not a single hand went up. "Well, now you have!" 

Look out for future blog posts featuring the awesome STEM activities my students are working on!