Need STEM resources?

We can help! Vivify has created a handy resource guide that includes the best website, games, and phone apps. We carefully searched for high quality activities that are not only fun and engaging but educational and promote STEM careers. Our guide is perfect for STEM Family Nights!

Looking for curriculum? Explore Vivify’s K-12 STEM lessons to bring real-world engineering design activities to your classroom or program! Keeping scrolling for even more STEM.

Vivify Recommended Resources

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STEM Mobile Apps

All Ages

  • Discovery VR

  • DIY Sun Science

  • Google Expeditions

  • NASA

  • Piiig Labs

  • Sky View

  • Toca Lab


  • Monkey Math School Sunshine

  • Dino Teach Math Preschool

  • LEGO Juniors

  • Montessori STEM Box

  • Robot Factory

  • Endless Numbers


  • Amazing Alex

  • Blocks!

  • Curios World

  • Grandpa in Space

  • Hopscotch

  • Kinetic City

  • Math Evolve

  • Mathtopia

  • MathShaker

  • Math Vs Zombies

  • Max and the Magic Marker

  • Move the Turtle

  • Motion Math

  • Mystery Math Town

  • Think & Learn Code-a-pillar

  • Weird But True

Middle School

  • Brain It On!

  • Cargo-Bot

  • Coaster Physics

  • Code Warriors

  • GeoDash

  • Hakitzu Elite: Robot Hackers

  • Human Body by Tinybop

  • King of Math

  • Monster Physics

  • NBA Hoops

  • Play & Learn Science

  • Rube Works

  • Scratch Jr

  • Sector 33

  • Science 360

  • SimplePhysics

  • Spacecraft 3D

  • Truss Me!

  • Tynker

High School

  • Algebra Touch

  • Anatomy 4D

  • Interplanetary 3D Sun

  • Muscle System Pro III

  • NASA

  • Nova Elements

  • Sparticle

  • Star Chart

  • Khan Academy

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