STEMpressive Find Friday - Product Review of an Augmented Reality App

This is the first post of a new series that will explore and review products relating to science, technology, engineering, and math. With “STEM” becoming a highly sought-after buzzword, there are so many products advertising its membership in the exclusive world of STEM. But do they really belong? We will help you navigate the stores and internet to find products that live up to their STEM claims.

 First up: the Augmenter App - by Trendyworks Technologies

This app, available for iphones and androids, contains 3D models of a variety of objects from a tyrannosaurus rex to a sunflower and provides the user with tools to manipulate and explore every component and angle of the object. Within the biology models, for example, the user can look at a set of teeth set in a jaw and take out each individual tooth to observe it, have it identified, and view it from any perspective in 3D space. These 3D images can then come to life by seemingly projecting them above a piece of paper with a printed “marker” (markers can be downloaded here).   Check out this demo video of the Augmenter App:

So, is the Augmenter app STEMpressive ---- is it worthy of being valued by S.T.E.M. educators?...

Science - Especially for younger grades, visualizing the sciences in 3D space can be difficult. Being able to wrap you head around the human brain (pardon the pun) by spinning it in all directions and taking it apart  is an invaluable tool when conducting memory work. The app also allows for you to point to each part and see a label of its name as well as take a screenshot at any moment which may be useful for printing out an exploded view for labeling parts by hand and for note taking.

 Technology - This app is obviously an honorable member of the tech world. As augmented reality becomes more commonplace in the future, it is important to keep in perspective the educational value that can be gleaned from bringing pictures and models to life.

 Engineering - There are many engineering related models within this app, including an electric circuit, magnetic fields, and even a graphic of the Right Hand Rule! The creators of this app are hard at work creating new models that may include many more basic and complex engineering structures in the near future.

 Math - The current set of 3D models available within this app include some mathematical 3D shapes such as a  cube and sphere. The free version of the app also has an animated “area of a cube” that provides a mini-lesson and visual of how the equation is derived.

 There are a variety of augmented reality apps out there that can bring objects to life, but this one is hard to beat in its educational value. For that reason, the Augmenter App wins our prestigious award in being STEMpressive!  Check it out!

 Tune in next time for a look at products to entertain, motivate, and educate young computer programmers!

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