Winter STEM Challenges!

Need some winter-themed STEM challenges for those last school days of December? Engineering challenges are the perfect way to channel the high energy of students before the holidays. Students can pop frozen bubbles, make fake snow, design a new Santa sleigh, or build a wrapping paper bridge!


Here are some fun winter-themed STEM challenges to try: 

For more ideas, you can check out the Vivify winter-break calendar. It is jam-packed with ideas to keep the learning going during these holiday months. We recommend providing the calendar as a STEM challenge to students for the holiday break!

Math Monday
Students apply math concepts to real world scenarios. Examples: Double the recipe for holiday cookies.

Outdoor Tuesday
Students get outside and explore nature! Examples: Nature seems bare in the winter. Go outside and find some!

Science Wednesday
Students explore scientific concepts with hands-on experiments and observations with common items. Examples: Make your own fake snow!

Engineering Thursday
Students will explore engineering through design and building activities using household items. Examples: Design a bridge from discarded wrapping paper. 

Fun Friday
Students get a mix of science, engineering, and math activities with the goal to have some fun. Examples: Make holiday goop from water, corn starch, and glitter. The Winter-Break calendar includes activities for December and January to keep students engaged and active during the holiday months.

Leave us feedback below if you have any favorite winter STEM challenges.