Vivify Presents: Summer STEM Calendar!

Are you looking for STEM activities, but don’t know where to begin? Does engineering or science seem like a foreign subject?  These thoughts often prevent teachers and parents from using STEM activities, but STEM is not difficult to implement! All parents and teachers can use STEM activities for an engaging way to practice math and science skills. STEM is all about connecting academics to the real world to awaken a passion in students for learning and discovery!

A great way to start is the Vivify Summer STEM Activity Calendar. The calendar is packed with hands-on activities for students in upper elementary and middle school levels with little or no supplies needed. Get students out of the house and exploring the world! Build a bird feeder, make a lava lamp, cook with fractions…you will never have to hear about being bored again!

The daily activities will incorporate math concepts, scientific thinking, critical thinking, communication, creativity, and real-world problem solving. Activities are open-ended and flexible for students at all levels to participate and learn. Click to access STEM Summer Calendar on TpT!

STEM Summer Calendar Overview

The calendar includes a page for each month of the summer: June, July, and August. Activities are listed for each day of the week. Saturdays and Sundays are left open to allow students to catch up on missed activities. The packet also includes three pages of activities with no dates for flexible use.

The calendar is updated every year. 

The calendar is updated every year. 

Math Monday: Students apply math concepts to real world scenarios. Examples: Budget for a shopping trip, measure your heart beat, cooking using fractions.

Outdoor Tuesday: Students get outside and explore nature! Examples: Build a bird feeder, plant a flower, go bird watching.

Science Wednesday: Students explore scientific concepts with hands-on experiments and observations with common items. Examples: Make a lava lamp, design a baking soda/vinegar experiment, discover tongue theory.

Engineering Thursday: Students will explore engineering through design and building activities using household items. Examples: Design a catapult, build a water balloon helmet, invent a new alarm system

Fun Friday: Students get a mix of science, engineering, and math activities with the goal to have some fun. Examples: Create an obstacle course, make symmetry art, design a senses challenge.

This is the perfect calendar to send home with your students to keep them learning for the next year!