Back To School One Day Sale!

Organizing classrooms, writing lesson plans, attending long professional development is back to school season! School supply signs are everywhere, and kids are trying to squeeze in every bit of fun into the remaining summer hours. Some already started on Monday, and many more return to school next week. 

In honor of back to school, TeachersPayTeachers is launching a fabulous one day sale with savings of up to 28%. This is the perfect time to stock-up on lesson plans and activities for the school year. Never heard of TeachersPayTeachers? I highly recommend this site for amazing classroom resources for all grades made by real classroom teachers and educators. We are also linking up with SLPRunner who is hosting a SHINING STARS linky party! This linky party was created to showcase some great products on TpT.

A great way to launch into the new year is through one of our STEM icebreaker challenges below!  

These STEM challenges are a great icebreaker and team building activity to launch your students into the school year! These simple engineering design challenges get your students moving, thinking, and collaborating.  Easily tailored to fit your students, we recommend this for 3rd - 8th graders. This set includes: 

  • Pipe-cleaner Tower Mission: Using only pipe-cleaners, teams will build the tallest, freestanding tower. However, there will unexpected constraints along the way! 
  • Chair Challenge: Students will design and build their own chair using only newspapers, magazines, and tape. This challenges really forces students to think about and challenge constraints of the problem. 
  • STEM Critical Thinking Activities: This includes four activities that are a great introduction to science and engineering thinking. Students will explore the world around them asking questions with a scientific or engineering mindset. 

This FREE scavenger hunt works great as an icebreaker game to transform the dynamics of your classroom - helping students get to know each other, work in teams, and learning something while having fun! Students will be exposed to simple machines, which are the foundation of tools used in physics and engineering. This activity is geared towards elementary aged students. 

Have a wonderful school year!